“In the past, federal and provincial human rights commissions really knew the people in their communities. So their work reflected the people they served. The people felt safe, and that they were being taken care of. This is how it should be.”

Lynn Jones, Chair

Global Afrikan Congress – Nova Scotia Chapter

“The Commission can develop a human rights hub. It can be a place people want to go. But it will also be important for the Commission to create networks in the communities to help broaden knowledge and ensure that tools and resources reach the most vulnerable groups.”

Renée Vaugeois, Executive Director

John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights

“The biggest barrier is that persons with disabilities are living in poverty. Complainants shouldn’t have to bear the burden of advancing the Canadian Human Rights Act.”

Tony Dolan, Chairperson

Council of Canadians with Disabilities

“There’s a phrase some of you will be familiar with, nothing about us without us. I think that should be a mantra for thinking about human rights protection. Always involve those whose protection you’re concerned about in the discussion about how to accomplish that protection.”

Jennifer Nedelsky, Faculty of Law

University of Toronto