“When it comes to Canada’s human rights institution, independence is not only a strength, it is a must. It is our hope that the Commission will champion human rights for all Canadians in an inclusive and non-partisan manner.”

Shahina Siddiqui, President

Islamic Social Services Association

“The average Canadian person is not clear about the relationship between the Commission and the federal government. They tend to think the Commission is a department of government and they need to know that it is not. The Canadian Human Rights Commission is an independent entity outside of government.”

Ruth Massie, Grand Chief

Council of Yukon First Nations

“Canada’s human rights institutions matter. They are the public voice for human rights. When they are ‘risk-adverse’ and soft-spoken, there is a public silence about some of the toughest human rights problems... We need [the Commission] to be public, courageous, and outspoken advocates….”

Shelagh Day, President

Canadian Human Rights Reporter